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technological solutions for

new and existing products

Modern Interface

Make products more pleasant to use while providing additional attractive services are the main reasons of success of this new generation of devices with touch screen and user-friendly interface such as smartphones, tablets, GPS, etc ...

Through a graphic user interface, you inform your customers about your new products and promotions, you provide practical guides in the form of video, or connect your products to your website to enhance their functionality as direct consumables command.

Integration of new technologies

Sometimes it is not desirable nor possible to completely review the product design. However, it remains possible to incorporate the latest technology especially in terms of communication interfaces or new sensors.

Using a processor dedicated to these new tasks, you increase the features of your products while continuing to leverage your stock components.

Evolution of existing products

You want to upgrade your existing product line by incorporating modern features? We can help you achieve a new generation, keeping your assets while leveraging the most recent technologies.

Then, if you wish, we conduct a technology transfer so that you can maintain your products independently.

In order to let you focus on your business expertise while enhancing your products, we propose a hardware interface designed to increase their ability to communicate with users (via an integrated screen, a remote one or other existing devices) and their environment (Internet connection to your server ...).

Doing so you streamline your development, increase the potential of your products and make life easier for your customers.

Solutions bases on touch screen