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electronic engineering

and embedded software


We support you throughout the development of the electronics of your products. From the phases of analysis and design up to the industrial production, passing by tests of compliance.

If needed, we help you during the preparation of technical specifications for a new product or during the evolution of an existing one. For example adding a touch interface or an Internet connection.

In order to offer you the most suitable architectures, we are constantly monitoring the components market related to mobile devices (smartphones, PDAs, tablets, game consoles, cameras, camcorders, GPS ...) including embedded processors whose offer is changing very rapidly.


Software development is decoupled of the hardware. Doing so, we ensure of his sustainability. It is then easier to to take advantage of the hardware evolution without having to undergo.

Our developments are based mainly on open-source solutions which also brings a financial advantage. We start by selecting a Linux distribution (Debian, Android, etc ...) and by writing libraries, services and drivers needed to manage hardware. Then we write the user application that represents your business expertise. This process may be based on the latest innovations in terms of interaction and usability, like the recent smartphones: touch screen management, video streaming, connection to remote servers, etc...


Sometimes a homemade design or based on an evaluation board does not work as expected. In these cases also, we can intervene and help you to identify and resolve hardware problems (digital and analog) and / or software.


Before passing EMC compliance tests (electromagnetic compatibility), we establish the appropriate testing tools in relation to your usage scenarios.

We can also develop test tools specific to your production line.

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