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Expertise Field: electronics design and realisation of industrial products, from components selection up to the start of production passing by firmware programming, porting your own business applications and the development of test tools.

engineer’s office specialized

in embedded systems

Our Goal: to provide innovative and perennial industrial solutions based on the latest technologies.

Embedded Systems - Close view of an electronic board

Electronics Engineering

As part of your project, we establish product specifications, design hardware and software architectures, select the components and do the PCB design.

Meanwhile, thanks to our expertise in Linux, the software is developed independently of the hardware, from the selection of the operating system up to porting your business application, writing services and hardware drivers such as user interface, connectors and other sensors.


Linux On Board

Do not depend on proprietary solutions! Whether for designing a new product, the evolution of an existing design, porting applications or writing drivers for example, we are able to meet your expectations in the field of operating systems based on Linux.



We can also work on existing products, undergoing development or during compliance test (EMC) on digital and analog electronics and also the software part.


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You get the idea of a product, need to assess a technical achievement, to quickly dispose of a demonstrator, to develop your products or to debug a design?

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